martes, 7 de mayo de 2013

"Les fiancés du Pont Mac Donald"

Anna Karina & Jean Luc Godard
A genius and a sixties cutie. One of the golden couples of The Nouvelle Vague, and one of my favourite couples of all time. Their relationship didn't last forever (they broke up on 1967), but their movies and pictures will show them together until the end. Here's a short film from 1962, an Agnès Varda's beautiful little proyect starring by them. 
Charles Chaplin would be proud of this, sure! 

2 comentarios:

  1. Que bonita película!
    besos guapa!!

    1. Es entrañable verles así, ¿verdad?
      Me alegra que te haya gustado, querida.

      Saludos de Una Pin Up Frustrada,
      Helena Drive


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