lunes, 1 de abril de 2013

Such a really happy Easter

 After few days to relax, here I go again! "Easter" means so much more than "religion", at least for me. "Easter" means "Seville", and "Seville" means "family and friends". I usually visit my family and sevillian friends on easter days, and this year hasn't been an exception. I've spent a great days there, enjoying their company and (of course)
the Easter Sevillian Week. 

Enjoying some torrijas at home!

 "Easter" means "eat like a fatty girl" too, and that means "torrijas". Torrija? Whut? Yep, torrijas! A torrija is, it’s a typical dessert of Lent and Easter in Spain. It consists of a slice of bread that is soaked in sweet milk (or wine) with honey and spices, and, after being dipped in egg, fried in a pan with olive oil. It sounds yummy, right? It tastes better! 

Here's the romantic touch, by Mr. Buttercup.
Isn't he lovely? 

 Real gentlemen give flowers. Mr. Buttercup isn't a gentleman... he's so much more! 
He gave me the most wonderful bouquet I ever had, and I'm a lucky girl in love with him. 
Now my bedroom looks more cute than ever before, I like flowers! 

Here in Spain, women still wear "mantillas" during Holy Week (the week leading to Easter), bullfights and weddings. For Holy Week, women wear black mantilla as a sign of mourning because Christ has died. I had never seen before how to put on a mantilla, but this year I finally saw how to do thanks to my grandma. We worked so hard for this result!
Do you like it? :)

Hope you had a good Easter too!

4 comentarios:

  1. ¿Te puedes creer que yo todavía no he probado las torrijas? ¿Ni el famoso "Dos y pingada"? Yo soy española porque lo dice en mi DNI jajaja.


    1. ¡¿No?! Madre mía, tienes que probar a hacerlas un día en casa, es cuestión de pillarle el punto :) ¡Seguro que después no podrás pasar una Semana Santa sin ellas!

      Saludos de Una Pin Up Frustrada,
      Helena Drive

    2. El caso es que siempre me ha parecido que tienen buena pinta, pero nada más XD tendré que probarlas cuanto antes...


  2. Torrijas... Cómo las eché de menos esta Semana Santa...


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