domingo, 3 de marzo de 2013

Awards & Questions

A long time ago, the lovely Mrs. Be-Bop nominated me to the Best Blog Award
Thank you again for this honour, sweetie! That was a really pleasure for me, I swear. As you know,  I'm too lazy for answer questions, nominate and etc. Anyway, never is too late, so here I go!

This time I have to answer eleven questions, and nominate winners... 
Well, first at all, the winner is YOU.  Yes, you! So take this lovely award to your blog and enjoy, you deserve it. Thanks for follow Diario de Una Pin Up Frustrada, your support is the best award! 

1. What do you prefer to cook, desserts or stews & hotpots? 
I'm in love with sugar, I can't help it! I prefer to cook desserts, especially cakes. It's easy, it's sweet and it's funny. Something special for Mr. Buttercup or something special for my family, it doesn't matter. Cooking for the ones I love makes me feel good. Without sugar life would be so boring.  

2. What attracts you more, personality or physical appearance?
I'm lucky. I'm so lucky because I'm in love with the perfect mix. Mr. Buttercup is absolutely awesome in every senses. Well... he loves sixties, I love fifties, he loves the Beatles, I love Elvis, he loves Vespa mortorcycles, I love Harley Davidson motorcycles... 
But I love him and he loves me back.
He's my luck. 

3. How long did you start to blog?
My first post was published on march 27th 2010. Almost 3 years ago! 
Please, this diary is becoming so "vintage"! Lol. 

4. Who was your mentor for blogging?
My friend Ana. "Why don't you write about fifties? You have to be a blogger!"
After few weeks, I was here posting about Marilyn Monroe... thanks her.

6. Do you like cooking or you want someone to do it?
I love cook for others, but I'm a mess at the kitchen... That's the truth. Anyway, I always try to give the best of my "chef part". Mr. Buttercup is a real genius at the kitchen, better than me sure! He's an expert cooking.

7. Do you eat in your workplace or at home? 
Sadly, I usually eat at college. 

8. Do you usually cook vegetable recipes?
I prefer eat meat, but vegetable recipes are more easy for me. 

9. What is your best recipe?
Well, let me think... Can I change the question? 
"What's your favourite recipe?" Oh! My favourite recipe? Spaghetti with Roquefort, the Mr. Buttercup speciality! and the majestic Pil-pil cod cooked by daddy! 
(Sadly I didn't inherit his talent)

10. What makes someone your friend?
If you are nuts like me, you are welcome to be my friend. 
If you are not, you are welcome too. 

11. What is the best film you've ever seen? 
The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button. Don't ask me why. 
I'm just in love with this movie. It all is a quote about life. Just wonderful. 

That's all!

2 comentarios:

  1. Hola Helena,
    Muchísimas gracias por la mención, y tus respuestas! me ha encantado conocerte un poco más. Siento llegar tarde por aquí, he estado bastante liada últimamente, pero ya vuelvo para quedarme!

    Lorena xx

    1. Querida, no te disculpes... ¡porque no hay motivos! Me alegra tenerte de vuelta por estos lares. Gracias una vez más por acordarte de mí para este premio tan lindo.

      Saludos de Una Pin Up Frustrada,
      Helena Drive


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