lunes, 28 de mayo de 2012

Three names, one wife

Verónica Balfe, Sandra Shaw & Rocky Cooper
they were the same woman for Gary Cooper, they meant the same for him.

Gary Cooper, the perfect gentleman, the gallant, the classic lover. 
Women of all time have dreamed with him, have drawn themselves on mind walking down the street, holding hands with him. But not all of these women know his wife: 
Veronica, Sandra, "Rocky" Cooper. 

Sandra Shaw

"Rocky" was the only in Cooper's life, his true love and mother of his daughter Maria Cooper. After Gary's death, Sandra got married again, this time with John Converse, in 1964. Anyway, her love story with Gary Cooper left us greatest pictures like these I share here. 
Check out and enjoy these lovely moments. 

Rocky & Gary Cooper in Colorado Springs, 1942


Gary Cooper with his wife Sandra Shaw and his daughter Maria

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