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Tonight is the night: New year's eve!

January, by Al Moore
Ladies, tonight is the night! Are you ready for the last night of this year? Sincerely, I'm not ready yet. As every years of my life, I decide at the last moment what I'll wear, what I'll do with my hair... Yep, I love play with panic.  If you are a bit crazy and you don't know what to do with yourself tonight, I'll try to help you with this post. 

- First: Decide what to wear

Well, maybe it's the worst part.
A wise girl have a black dress on her closet, it can save your life at extreme situations like this. So tonight is a great time for take it out from your closet. If you are worried because it isn't the first time you take it for New year's Eve, keep calm. Your accesories will save you! Change your look with a new hairstyle, red lipstick, gloves, and shine jewelry, your black dress will look diferent. Try it.

If you don't have any black dress, look for a posh skirt, a glam black shirt, or try with a gentleman style, black jacket and trousers with a cute bow. If you wanna a gentleman look, don't forget a red lipstick, please. It will be your feminine touch. You'll look awesome!

And...What's up with feet? Heels! But flat shoes in your bag, they will be your best friends tonight.

- Second: What to do with hair

Please: Don't experiment with your hair today.
Not dye, not bouffant, not afro hair... no, no, no. It's absolutely dangerous. Take care, I'm sure you wanna keep living in the same place and keep talking with your friends, right? Great.

Soft waves, curls, straight hair, a ponytail with a cute tie... Great and healthy choices.

- Third: Makeup

Well babies, hope you have been helpful! Have a great time tonight! xx

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